Blog 4: Voyager Mission



The voyager mission consists of 2 spacecrafts, Voyager 1 and Voyager 2. The purpose of their mission is to explore the farther reaches of our Solar System. This area is defined by NASA as “beyond the neighborhood of the outer planets to the outer limits of the Sun’s sphere of influence” (NASA). However, both crafts were able to provide important information about the neighborhood of planets we live in. This was in fact the original intent of their mission, to explore Saturn and Jupiter. After the success of the information gathered about both planets and their moons the crafts were given new mission directives, to explore both Uranus and Neptune. Neptune and its moon Triton were the lasts objects studied by Voyager before it left the planetary neighborhood. Now, the crafts search for then edge of our suns influence to find what can truly be defined as interstellar space.


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